BTC: 11199.0 || ETH: 1021.0

PreICO has been scheduled to take place on 08/12/2017. It will last for 2 weeks, that is, terminates on 22/12/2017. The main ICO will kick off on the 27/12/2017 and terminates on 27/01/2018.
Details of how to purchase TBP tokens during the presale and mainsale shall be published on our homepage (available at 24 hours before the start of the sale. The presale will accept Ethers only whereas, the mainsale will accept Ethers and Bitcoins (alternative only).
During the presale, each token cost 0.35 USD whereas, during the mainsale, each TBP token will cost 0.60 USD (with an addition of 0.1 USD weekly).
Funding of your wallet is solely at the liberty of the investor. However, funding of the crowdsale shall be made public 24 hours before the crowdsale. Basically, a payment will be made to our address and equivalent amount of TBP tokens shall be sent to the sender's Ethereum address.
During thr PreICO, it is pegged at 0.35 USD whereas in the ICO, it is 0.60 USD.
Conversion of any currency to ETH is not to be conducted by The Bitugene Project, investors are to acquire Ethers by any means available in their country. Usually by an exchange (such as, etc.) or from a merchant.
See above. Conversion of currencies is usually done via an exchange (such as, etc.) or a bitcoin merchant.
The Bitugene Project will implement the TBP tokens to help support the project. The tokens will be used for fast settlement of sales.
The tokens will be sent to investor's Ethereum address immediately the funds are sent to our address. The tokens are visible on any erc20 compatible wallet.
All erc20 compatible wallets such as myetherwallet.
All unsold tokens will be burnt after the mainico.
Bounties/Airdrops are in phases. The dates for the reward shall be communicated to participants.
As soon as the wallet is released. Hopefully, early February 2018.
Details of the ICO shall be made public. In a case where the minimum target is not actualized, the funds are returned to investors.
The platform is open to all and sundry.
All erc20 compatible wallet such as myetherwallet (mew).
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